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Analysis of Instructional Impact on the Running Performance of University Students

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Todd Layne, Ph.D.
Department of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Memphis - USA


Most universities provide a plethora of physical activity courses in which students may choose to participate. Little research exists on the instructional impact of university students’ participation in physical activity courses. Although some papers have produced positive findings regarding the Sport Education model in the university setting, none have analyzed the impact of instructional approaches on the performance and enjoyment of students. The purpose of this paper was to examine the instructional impact on the performance and enjoyment of students participating in a jogging activity course. The participants in this study were 26 students (15 males, 11 females; 15 SE, 11 Direct Instruction). The study incorporated a mixed methods research design using both quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data consisted of the one mile pre-and post-test and a pre-and post-8-item motivational analysis using the PAES. Qualitative data was collected through the completion of critical incident reports on thoughts regarding the class. Descriptive statistics and t-tests were used to analyze data to determine areas of significance related to the outcomes of the one mile run and scores from the PAES. Qualitative data were analyzed using a constant comparison method. Results indicated similarities between the two groups with regards to performance and enjoyment. Student feedback did provide favorable remarks regarding the features of the SEM. It was concluded that both instructional approaches produced favorable results regarding university students’ performance and enjoyment of jogging.

Keywords: sport education, direct instruction, jogging, university, physical activity

Category: Original Research

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