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The effects of the taekwondo training on children’s strength-agility and body coordination levels

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Top Elif,1 Akıl Mustafa Li,1 Aydın Nur,1 Phd. Elif TOP1

  • 1. Usak University, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Usak, Turkey


The present study investigated the effects of the taekwondo training given to the children on their strength-agility and body coordination levels. Participants were 42 school children who are 7 to 10 years old. They were divided into the girls’ experimental (n = 9, X = 9.34±1.22 years, height = 134.44±12.77 cm, body weight = 34.16±12.04 kg, BMI [Body Mass Index] = 18.42±3.98 (kg/m2) and control (n= 8, X= 8.60±1.17 years, height = 129.12±9.52 cm, body weight = 31.01±7.85 kg, BMI = 18.29±2.31 (kg/m2) groups; and boys’ experimental (n= 13, X= 9.05±0.78 years, height = 135.23±6.95 cm, body weight = 32.81±7.46 kg, BMI = 17.77±2.99 (kg/m2) and control (n= 12, X= 9.06±1.03 years, height = 132.16±9.62 cm, body weight = 29.95±7.45 kg, BMI = 16.94±2.43 (kg/m2)) groups. The experimental groups of both boys and girls took a standardised group exercise program led by the taekwondo coaches, which lasted for three times a week in 12 weeks, while control groups of both boys and girls did not take any trainig. The bilateral coordination, balance, running speed-agility and strength of sub-tests of the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency-2 (BOT-2) were employed before and after training. The results indicated that a statistically significant difference was found between strength & agility post-test values in girls. When the time interaction experimental and control groups of boys and girls were examined, a statistically significant difference was found between body coordination and strength-agility values. It was concluded that a 12-week taekwondo training given to the children in the 7-10 age group has increased the body coordination and strength-agility levels of the girls and boys.

Keywords: Strength, Agility, Coordination, Child, BOT-2

Category: Youth Sports

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