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Epistemological Belief Differences between Prospective Physical Education Teachers and Coaches With and Without Coaching Experience

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Dr. Günay Yildizer


Physical education teachers and coaches share similar pedagogical approaches in instructional activities. The philosophical perspective towards the nature of learning, how knowledge is acquired and how learning occurs might affect both teaching and coaching practices. The philosophical perspectives can be gained through formal education, experience or a mixture of both for physical education teachers and sports coaches. Therefore, the main purpose of this study was to examine epistemological differences between physical education teacher education (PETE) and coaching education (CE) students with respect to their educational program and coaching experience. A total of 128 PETE and 130 CE students participated in this study. Epistemological Belief Questionnaire (EBQ) composed of Learning depends on Ability (LDA), Learning depends on Effort (LDE), and Only One Unchanging Truth (OOUT) factors was used to collect data. Two-way MANOVA results indicated no significant interaction effect, but there were significant main effects of an education program on all three factors, and coaching experience on LDA and OOUT factors. PETE students had significantly more developed beliefs in all three factors of EBQ, and participants with coaching experience had significantly more developed beliefs in LDA and OOUT. These differences might be caused by the "scientist to practitioner" approach applied in CE programs in Turkey. Promoting controlled coaching practices and improving cooperative learning opportunities pave the way for creating and sharing knowledge for improving necessary skills as much as developing personal epistemology among prospective sports coaches and physical education teachers.



Keywords: Coaching philosophy, coaching epistemology, physical education, teacher-coach

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