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Why a P.E. Video Database ?

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We search for you ...No more wasting time! 

Why invent hot water if there are already ways to get it?

Sports Media starts with an extensive P.E. video database - compiled and selected by experts in the field of physical education & sports. The P.E. video database is designed to give both new and seasoned teachers, instructors, educators and everyone involved in physical education and sports a more powerful and targeted search experience.

Sports Media does not own the video clips and has not the copyrights on the videos!

The database is compiled by videos that come from applications that offer online video sharing services. We seek the most educational images - according to our criteria - and places them in our database . This is our merit and expertise.

Why should I use the P.E. Video Database?

  1. Teachers can enhance physical education instruction
  2. to provide a tool for increasing instructional effectiveness
  3. to provide lesson ideas 
  4. to provide differentiated instruction
  5. to provide Instructional Feedback
  6. giving freedom to make choices (suitable for students’ developmental levels)
  7. pre-service student teachers acquire knowledge of good teaching practices
  8. the database has videos about: exercises, drills, skills, technique and theory


"A picture is worth a thousand words "

Sports Media ... videos for sports & physical education!


Flipping Physical Education in the Classroom .

Flipped classroom in physical education a new way of teaching and learning

It’s all about the videos!

Physical Education Classes:

"We have been surprised to hear that some of the teachers most excited about flipped classrooms were physical education teachers. This dynamic team of teachers realized the flipped class had great potential in their courses. They told us that the most important aspect of the physical education class is for their students to be moving. Physical education teachers report that they spend too much time teaching students things like the rules of games and some of the techniques. When teachers began making videos (with a video camera) of rules, students can come to class and quickly get to moving their bodies and participating in the important physical education activities."

That's why P.E. Videos are very useful !!!

Do you need videos to start your Flip Teaching ? Surf through our Best Practice P.E. videos



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